Tips For Helping You Shop Online Safely

Knock Off vs The Real McCoy

Are you considering online shopping?

If you are considering online shopping here are a few helpful tips, definitions and terms to help you get the most from your Internet shopping experience. Shopping should be relaxing, fun and exhilarating but when you unknowingly get ripped off it becomes stressful, meaningless and costly. Online shopping offers a wide selection of products and can save you time from store hopping. I hope that in writing this article it will help to educate you if you are considering shopping online.

Knock Offs

Knock off handbags are meant to clone popular and expensive designer handbags. Knock offs are manufactured with specific intent, some replica handbags are close to the real deal but the cheap materials and shoddy workmanship, clearly tell the real story. Lets look at designer inspired, they mimic the look of expensive brands like: Fendi, Burberry, Prada without claiming to be genuine. These fakes exclude trademark logos, tags and even a legitimate liner stamped with the designer’s trademark. The hardware is considerably and noticeably cheap and the brassy colors wear off rather quickly and the zippers often break within the first month.

Counterfeit Handbags

Counterfeit handbags are usually sold in smaller store fronts based in industrial units, flea markets, or online auctions. Counterfeit handbags are priced low in hopes that buyers will not examine the bag close enough to see that it’s fake. Authentic designer goods are sold in authorized boutiques and exclusive department stores. You are not going to find a genuine Prada or Fendi at a clearance outlet or flea market.

Online Shopping

Shopping for designer handbags online can be tricky. If you are buying wholesale directly from the manufacturer or from an authorized retailer like Saks, Barney’s or Bloomingdales, then you’ll find the same products available to you online with the convenience of having them delivered to your door. However, please take note when buying online:

1. You should pay for all online purchases with a major credit card or preferably Pay pal, this way you will have the opportunity to initiate a refund if you feel you have been ripped off.

2. Credit card companies usually compensate the customer if a complaint of fraud is issued within the first 30 days.

3. Be weary of sellers outside of the United States and Canada, as your odds of recourse will be less favourable. Purchasing online from over seas is quite risky due to the fact that most all replicas are manufactured and imported from over seas.

4. Take notice that the standard shipping time of a purchase within the US and Canada is usually 7-10 days, and a tracking number from the retailer should be sent to you shortly after your purchase is processed. If you feel that the shipping time exceeds the 7-10 days and you have not received a tracking number and are finding it difficult getting in contact with the seller then go a head and contact PayPal or your credit card company as soon as possible to issue a complaint.


1. The look and feel of the website will usually tell you if it is professional or amateur in design: however that should not be your indication that the website is legitimate. A website that is professionally designed could be misleading in that the web designer has gone to greater lengths to convince you they are legitimate.

2. Browse the website and notice the way the products (in this case handbags) are presented. Are the images clear, concise and of high quality so you could take notice of the name, logo, and hardware to name a few. The name plate or logo will be spelled and positioned properly, the hardware will be of high quality also notice the stitching; they be close stitches as well as straight as opposed to sloppy, crooked or zigzag. Big designer names will automatically state certificate of authenticity and dust bag are included in your purchase. You may contact the company if you suspect fraud.

3. Search the company on the internet using one of the big search engines namely Google or Yahoo, this should return enough results that may give indication as to whether this company has any outstanding complaints or posts referring to them as scam artists. Make a comparison with the images claiming to be authentic to alternate images you find on legitimate sites such as Gucci, Fendi, Prada or the designer of your choice.