Look Like a Million Without Paying a Millionaire’s Price

You have true passion for fashion but no budget to accompany it? Be worry free, even the richest of the rich do not pay the full price for their clothes and sometimes smart shopping strategy is more important than a big wallet. Use big annual sales to by designer basics, not one-season-only wonders. It is definitely a great investment to buy a cashmere coat, a tailored suit and a designer raincoat at 60% discount rate in January, because you can wear these for a many seasons to come. To further complement your wardrobe, get info on fashion outlets in your area, where you can find true bargains on clothes and accessories from all designers. If you happen to travel to Europe, the choice of outlets is amazing and you can get your Prada stilettos for $200 or less, if you are lucky.

Vintage pieces are wonderful style boosters and are also reasonable priced; why not check online for bargains? When it comes to looking like million, always invest in quality material like cashmere and silk and make sure your look is polished from head to toe; a worn out heel or a bad hair can ruin the impression. The Rich prefer demure colors; go for beige, light gray or white for that 5th Avenue look. One great accessory, like a silk scarf or a statement ring is all it takes to add the glamour to a simple neutral outfit. Last but not the least is The Bag. Invest in classic stylish pieces that go well with everything and are so well made that you can save them for your daughter.