Is It True You Can Purchase a Real Designer Handbag at a Discount?

Designer handbags cost as much as a month’s rent in some cases. They are the exclusive property of the proverbial high income “ladies who lunch.” You will not see them resting comfortably on the shoulders of your average working woman. You will not find them at flea markets, garage sales or Wal-Mart at any price.

Are you? Believe it or not, the answer is yes! No, I’m not pulling your leg. Stay tuned, let me show how you how this works.

If you have been away from the wide world of fashion lately, here’s what you need to know about designer bags. These bags are created for the season. When the designer’s next season of handbags is revealed on runways and in the posh stores, the previous season’s designs have to go.

Hold up. Don’t go and storm your favorite designer retailer. They rarely ever sell them out of the stores at a discounted price. You won’t find a clearance rack at the Coach or Prada stores, much as you might wish otherwise. You can, however, find these designer bags and outlets and online retailers that have been selected to carry these discounted bags. Because designers never let “seconds” out of their production facility, the bags you find at outlets and online retailers are authentic, provided they provide proof, and usually have nothing wrong with them other than outliving their selected season.

You will find some online retailers that have gotten independently creative and have made exclusive deals with the handbag makers, the selfsame ones that made the original bags for the design house that bears their name. These cutting edge e-tailers are shipped the bags from the handbag manufacturers as soon as the season ends. This situation is all good for you once you locate that right e-tailer, you can return season after season and take advantage of some terrific savings. Do not expect to find a specific style of bag of a specific season. A lot of buyers are onto these places and the selection is spotty and not extensive.

If you’re leery about purchasing a bag from an online retailer, since you have no way to definitively verify the authenticity of the bag until after it shows up on your doorstep and you’ve already handed over your credit card information, you can ask them to show more photos. Some retailers take photos of the bags they have in stock, including the interior and certificate of authenticity, but others use stock photos provided by the designer. Before you spend a lot of money on a handbag online, ask for them to send you more photos and proof that the bag is authentic.

Be sure to also get the promise of a refund, in writing, with a verified physical location for the company noted at the top, if you receive the bag and discover that it is not authentic. Many banks and online payment processing systems will assist you in recovering your payment if you can prove that you were sold a fraudulent bag. Usually, you can go to a local designer handbag store of the same manufacturer and have them look at your bag to confirm its authenticity.

You have got the inside dope on buying authentic designer handbags for less than full price. So, are you going to purchase one from the places mentioned in this article? Or are you going to pine away as usual itching for that perfect Hermes bag, the one that will make you feel like a new woman and last a lifetime? You should think hard about being able to get your dream Kelly bag at one-third to one-half off the original retail price as being perhaps a life-changing event. Stop dreaming and start living with your Kelly bag, the bag for all seasons. Come on, fashionista, you only live once, live it with your very own designer handbag.