How Coach Handbags Have Become A Force In The Market By Being More Accessible

When you talk about handbags in the history of handbags, you normally think of either Prada or Louis Vuitton. Both of these companies have been around for over a century or near a century and are known throughout the world for their traditional designs and a history of excellence. Coach has come late to the party but has stormed back with the increasing popularity it has had in the past few years. This article will give a little background as far as the resurrection of Coach, followed by the history of the Coach design, and the general price range on different items and where to find the best bargains.

Coach first opened its doors roughly a half century ago. The company began in Manhattan with six workers and has since grown significantly but has kept its headquarters in New York where the company was originally founded. The original designer was inspired by a baseball glove and how soft leather could become when working with it. Leather continues to be one of the greatest inspirations for new products with Coach and it all started with the tradition of the baseball glove. Coach struggled with its designs within the past but has revolutionized itself in the past decade with its new designs. Many young women now purchase Coach handbags over either Prada or Louis Vuitton.

Coach has done a great job of making itself more accessible to the public with lower prices. There are now roughly 300 stores in the United States and many of these stores are outlet stores. With outlet stores you often can find lower prices. Handbags often will range anywhere between $200 and $500 for the most popular Coach designs with the prices for accessories falling below this range. Outlet stores may offer a bit more of a discount when looking for a Coach handbag for yourself or someone you may want to buy one for as a gift. You can also look online for a good deal but be sure that you are purchasing the real thing.

Coach handbags are one of the few American-made status symbol handbags. When you think of Prada or Louis Vuitton, these are European companies. You can be fashionable when buying Coach while supporting American industry. In this day and age when it seems as if nearly everything we buy from toys to Toyotas are from overseas it is nice to see a hugh quality American made product. If you look for Coach products at outlet malls and reputable online vendors oftentimes you will also pay a lower price while making a statement about the types of quality things that you have.